Erasmus+ Key Action 1 (KA1)

Learning Mobility of Individuals

The Erasmus Plus KA1 Learning Mobility programme provides an excellent opportunity for all to participate in transnational mobility courses in different European countries. It is important to know that your organization can apply for multiple places at the same training course. Funding can be obtained from the Erasmus+ programme, which (at least for our training courses) covers ALL of the necessary costs such as travelling, accommodation, daily expenses and tuition fee.

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1. Identify your organization’s needs

It is important to identify your organisation’s needs in terms of quality development and internationalization, as well as your plans for improvement. You have to identify the main areas for improvement (for example management competences, staff competences, new teaching methods or tools, European dimension, language competences, curriculum, the organisation of teaching and learning). All the above will help you to fill in the application form which can be found at your National Agency or at the official website of Erasmus+

2. Find an interesting course for you

According to the needs of your organization you will select the course that will assist your staff to acquire the appropriate competences and skills for quality improvement. Our team has prepared a challenging list of courses which is constantly updated and enriched. The areas covered are: European Issues, Information Technology, Health Education, Special Education and Teacher Education. Please inform us about your choice and reserve your place now. Your participation can be confirmed once you get a positive reply by your National Agency.
Your National Agency can provide you with information in your language. In most cases National Agencies will have helpful instructions for participating in ERASMUS+ on their website. You will also have to submit your application to your National Agency.

3. EU login - OID number

To apply for the Erasmus+ KA1 grant you must register your School/VET/Adult Education Centre in EU Login (formerly ECAS) and obtain a unique Organisation ID (OID). Also consider if your organisation is already registered, you do not need to register again. Please note that the Organisation ID has replaced the PIC as the unique identifier for the organisation to apply for Erasmus+ and European Solidarity Corps actions managed by National Agencies. Organisations that have a PIC and have previously applied for funding in these programmes through the National Agencies have been assigned an Organisation ID automatically.
All organisations/bodies / informal youth groups that submit an application should upload the following documents on the European Commission’s Participant Portal:
Α. Legal entity form for public, private organisations, or individuals
– The form must be submitted together with the following (if applicable):
– Copy of an official document (official gazette, registration certificate to the Registrar of Companies or Associations/ clubs, etc.) showing the name of the legal entity, its Head Office address, and its registration number in the national authorities.
– Copy of the registration form for the VAT authority, if applicable, in case the VAT number does not appear on the official document referred to in the previous paragraph.
– Copy of ID or passport of its legal representative in the case of an informal youth GROUP.
Please read these important instructions before filling in the documents!


Β. Bank Details Form
The Bank Details form must be completed in accordance with the instructions on the form itself.


C. Documents required for checking the financial capacity for applications for funding exceeding €60.000
If the applicant organisation is a private entity and applies for funding that exceeds €60.000, its financial capacity must be checked. The financial capacity check does not apply in the case of public bodies or international organisations.
In order to check the financial capacity of an organisation, the applicant’s profit and loss account and the balance sheet of the past audited financial year must be uploaded on the Participant Portal.
Newly created entities that fail to produce the documents concerning the financial capacity check should contact their National Agency for instructions.
Regarding the management of the data entered in the Participant Portal, you are advised to study the statement on the Policy for protection of privacy in the context of the validation of legal entities and bank accounts.

4. Prepare to submit your application to your National Agency

All application forms will be obtained by your National Agency. Please make sure that the completed e-form is for KA1 – Learning Mobility. There are several forms, so make sure that you select the appropriate one for your organisation and status (e.g. learning mobility for staff-school education). Please note that the application has to be filled out by the school, not by individual teachers according to the European Development Plan. Each school can apply for more than one teacher for the project plan of 1 or 2 years. There is no need to specify the training dates at this stage. If you need help do not hesitate to contact us.

5. Waiting time..! How about exploring KA2 strategic partnerships with us?

Emphasys Centre is highly involved in the Erasmus+ KA2 Strategic Partnership. With over 23 years’ experience of teaching and over 70 projects in all sectors (School, Vet, Youth, Adult, Higher Education), it is safe to say you would be collaborating with an experienced partner in the field. In addition, Emphasys Centre is also involved in the AMIF programme targeting Third Country Nationals (migrants, asylum seekers and refugees), as well as the AAL programme targeting senior citizens.
For more information, check our website, our Facebook Page or send us an email with your interests, needs and challenges at

6. Your mobility has been approved! What’s next?

When you receive positive feedback from your agency, please let us know so we can confirm your participation in your chosen course and date. The “Emphasys Team” is available to organise the practicalities of your learning experience, so everything in regards to accommodation, travelling, events, activities and cultural trips will be taken care of.
Each course leader will get in touch with you about 2 months prior to the start of the course. The leader will send you a questionnaire in order to identify needs and interest so that a targeted course is designed. A detailed training schedule will then be sent to you to be reviewed so that a final one is prepared.
Zoom meetings will be arranged both with you individually, as well as with all participants in order to clarify any issues of concern and learn everything you need to know about the course.
Preparation material will be sent to you six weeks before the start of the course so that you have enough time to prepare. You will also be given access to the Emphasys Learning Platform in order to explore the sample of the material provided. A month before the start of the course an invoice will be sent to you for payment accompanied with bank details. Upon receiving the relevant amount, a receipt will be sent to you directly.

7. Check out our Learning Platform

Check out our Learning Platform where we keep all training material as well as other useful resources.


You can also find useful tips for the application and implementation of your project here. If you want more useful tips, do not hesitate to contact us for assistance.

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