Erasmus+ Key Action 1 (KA1)

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The Erasmus Plus KA1 Learning Mobility programme provides an excellent opportunity for all to participate in transnational mobility courses in different European countries. It is important to know that your organization can apply for multiple places at the same training course. Funding can be obtained from the Erasmus+ programme, which (at least for our training courses) covers ALL of the necessary costs such as travelling, accommodation, daily expenses and tuition fee.

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Our courses

What are the advantages of attending a transnational training course?
As Nelson Mandela said “education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world”. By attending a transnational training course, you will enrich your knowledge and skills in the field of your desire and you will have the opportunity to meet experienced trainers as well as participants from other countries. Apart from the exchange of good practices and the first-hand experience gained, you will, also, be able to get to know new cultures and challenge yourself on your linguistic and social skills. The European Union provides through the Erasmus+ Programme an amazing opportunity fully funded to improve your professional skills, upgrade the services provided at your own organization-school-Youth or Adult Centre working in the formal or non-formal learning context, as well as enrich tools and resources. “Anyone who stops learning is old, whether at twenty or eighty. Anyone who keeps learning stays young.” – Henry Ford.

What can my organisation (school, NGO etc.) gain from my participation?

The purpose of the mobility activities is to provide learning opportunities to individuals and to support the internalisation and institutional development of schools and other organisations. Specifically, through your participation the objectives are:To strengthen the European dimension of teaching and learning by:

  • promoting values of inclusion and diversity, tolerance, and democratic participation
  • promoting knowledge about shared European heritage and diversity
  • supporting the development of professional networks across Europe

To increase the quality of teaching and learning in formal and non-formal learning settings by:
supporting the professional development of teachers, school leaders, professionals, youth workers etc.

  • promoting the use of new technologies and innovative learning and teaching methods
  • improving language learning and language diversity in schools
  • supporting the sharing and transfer of best practices

To contribute to the creation of the European Education Area, promote the Green Deal, Digital Action Plan, Youth Agenda etc. by:

  • building capacity of the various organisations to engage in cross-border exchanges and cooperation, and carry out high-quality mobility projects
  • making learning mobility a realistic possibility for any learner
  • fostering recognition of learning outcomes of learners and staff in mobility periods abroad

Why should I choose to attend a transnational training course at Emphasys Centre?

Emphasys Centre is an ICT training centre with more than 23 years of experience. Our staff has a plethora of academic backgrounds and experiences, therefore, we can provide courses and training in many fields. What brings us together as a team is our common aim to provide learning opportunities to everyone, despite their age, nationality, sex or any other social group. Moreover, we have modern and fully equipped teaching facilities in order to offer an engaging and interactive experience. You can have a look at our premises here.
Emphasys is fully equipped with modern facilities that include 2 lab rooms, big conference area, 8 offices and top of the range technology to support the needs of an IT training centre: such as interactive boards, 75 inches’ flat-screen TV, gaming laptops, tablets, Virtual Reality equipment (Oculus Rift S), Craftbot+ 3D Printer, a selection of robots (e.g. Edison, Lego Boost, Lego WeDo Lego Mindstorm, Arduino, Engino) etc.

Will I be provided with any material, tools or resources?

Emphasys Centre has developed a custom-made platform especially for the participants of the KA1 Mobility Courses in order to provide them with additional material, resources and tools relevant to the course of their choice. The platform includes teaching material, PowerPoint Presentations, educational games, gamified applications, assessment tools etc. Moreover, you will gain lifetime access to this platform as well as any future updates for the material. You can have a look at this link.

Will I need to bring my own laptop?

We can provide laptops or any other technical equipment needed in our classrooms as well as other premises that we may visit during the training course. However, you are more than welcome to bring your own laptop.

Is English the only language possible for your training courses?

English and Greek are the official languages of our training courses. However, we can provide instant linguistic support in Greek, French and Spanish by our multilingual staff. If you wish to be provided with linguistic support, please let us know in advance.
What is the required level of English language acquisition to be able to attend the course?
In order to be able to actively participate and attend our training courses, you should either hold or have equivalent skills as the B2 level of the Common European Reference Framework for languages (CERF). The level B2 corresponds to the following linguistic competences:
• Understanding: Be able to understand the main ideas of standard speech or radio and TV programs as well as texts with everyday or job-related topics.
• Speaking: Be able to participate in discussions with native speakers with a certain degree of fluency and spontaneity, especially for various topics related to my field of interest.
• Writing: Be able to write clear and detailed texts, essays or reports on various topics without significant struggles.

What is the duration of your courses?

We have planned interactive courses for a duration of six days / Each course has a six-day schedule but it can be flexible to five days. For more information on a specific course, please visit:

Do you provide any kind of certificate?

Of course we do. All our trainees are provided with a certificate of attendance as well as all the necessary Europass or Youthpass Mobility documents at the end of their course. For more information on the Europass Mobility documents, consult your National Europass Centre.

Can I have a tailored made training course?

We are flexible to hear your needs and requests and adapt them in our existing courses. We can also organize a targeted course to the needs of your school/organization/centre if there is a minimum number of participants. Please contact us for more information.
Show of interest

I found a course that I like. What should I do?

You should let us know. We will be more than happy to have you here with us! Enroll in the course of your desire by filling in the registration form and one of our staff members will come in contact with you to confirm your pre-registration. Please note that then, your organization should apply for the Erasmus+ KA1 funding in EU login. More information in regards to the steps to follow can be found here.

Can I express my interest in more than one course?

Of course, you can since the application is submitted by an organization. Therefore, you can choose different courses to be attended by several people from your organisation. Please check how many applications can be submitted by each organization and what are the aims of your organization in terms of the professional development of the staff.

Do I need to send any money at this point?

No, this is just a preparatory phase. Money needs to be transferred after the approval of your organisation’s application by the NA of your country.

Is there a deadline for expressing my interest in a course?

No, you can do so whenever you want to. However, there is a deadline for submitting your application for the Erasmus+ funding. The deadline for 2021 is the 11th of May 2021. You can contact us before that, in order to help you with your application form.

Your application

Am I eligible to apply outside of my organization?

Unfortunately, no. You should apply through your organization (e.g. school, NGO, Adult Centre etc. in order to be eligible for the funding provided by the Erasmus+ programme, not as an individual.

I already live in Cyprus. Am I eligible to apply to your courses?

Unfortunately, no, as KA1 opportunities aim to encourage mobility of adults in other EU countries.

How do I know if my organization is eligible for a KA1 opportunity?

Organizations, eligible for this kind of learning opportunities, are:
– Any public or private Higher Education institution
– Any public or private organization in the field of Vocational Education and Training (VET).
– Any public or private school
– Any public or private organization in the field of adult education.
– Any Youth organization or NGO
More information can be provided by your National Agency.

What is a PIC number?

It is the 9-digit Participant Identification Code that is used to identify organizations and it is provided after their registration on the Erasmus+ platform.

What is an OID number?

It is the 8-digit Organisation ID, which is prefixed with an E, and it is obtained in order to identify organisations. Organisations that have already participated in Erasmus+ projects and have a PIC number, have been assigned an OID automatically therefore, they do not need to register again. You can find your organisation’s OID here.

Who will approve my application?

The National Agency of your country is responsible to approve or not your application. Unfortunately, we are not the ones to do so. Find more about your National Agency here.

What does the rejection of my application mean?

If your application is not approved, you can try again in the next application round. Please remember that youth organisations are provided with three (3) opportunities per annual year to apply for funding for a KA1 Mobility Courses.

Can I ask for help when filling in my application?

Of course you can, we are here to provide you with the best assistance possible. Please feel free to contact us once you decide on the area or topics of your interest.

What should I do after the approval of my application?

You should contact us in order to organize your mobility and arrange any administrative issues such as airport tickets, accommodation, transportation etc.

Administrative issues

What are your PIC & OID?

Our PIC number is: 947469811 and  our OID is: E10176324

Where can I find information about the fees of each course?

It is indicated on the description of each course. If you have any further questions in regards to the fees, do not hesitate to contact us.

As of March 2021, each organisation is entitled to:

Organisational Support: €100
Travel Expense: Maximum €820 amount is in correlation with the distance – each participant needs to check the distance calculator.
Course Fees is 80 euros per day (6*80= €480)
Accommodation: *Each NA will decide on exact base rates within the allowed ranges.
The maximum amount to claim – 160*6= €960
The minimum amount to claim – 80*6= €480

Is there a deadline for transferring the fees for the training course?

You have to transfer the fees a month in advance of your arrival. If this is not possible, let us know. We can organize another way of payment.

When can I buy my airplane tickets?

You can buy your airplane tickets once you have a confirmation from our side that the training course of your desire will be scheduled as planned. All of our courses start on Monday and finish on Saturday therefore, you should arrange your flight of arrival on Sunday and of departure from Saturday afternoon forward. Please check our website for the courses marked with ‘confirmed’.

Where can I find accommodation?

You can search on online platforms such as and Airbnb for your accommodation. However, we can provide you with a suggestion list of hotels close to our premises. Please note that some of our courses can be organized on premises other than Emphasys Centre (Nicosia) so it is better to confirm with us before booking your accommodation. Feel free to contact us for more information.

Are social activities your responsibility to handle?

Besides teaching and learning, Emphasys Team values the cultural exchange between people. As a result, it proposes a variety of social and cultural activities not only in the capital but in other cities and villages for giving the opportunity to visitors to get to know the whole island. The possibility of suggesting your own preferences or requests is more than welcome.

How can I go from the airport to the hotel?

Cyprus has two main airports: Larnaca International Airport and Paphos International Airport. These are also the two legal points for entering the Republic of Cyprus, the only Government recognized by the international community. A Shuttle Bus from both airports can transfer passengers to the Shuttle Bus Station in Nicosia. Then, participants will take a taxi to the hotel. More information can be found here.

How can I travel within Nicosia or to other cities?

Public transportation is possible in Cyprus with intercity or local buses or you can use a taxi. More information can be found here.

If you need any further clarification please feel free to contact us.

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PIC 947469811 & OID E10176324

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