Youth EntrepreneurShip (YES): Supporting Professionals in Promoting an Entrepreneurial Mindset among Youth

Travel Expenses
Up to €820 (Fully Funded)
Course Fee
€480 (Fully Funded)
Accommodation & Other
Up to €160 per day (Fully Funded)
Course Description

In an ever-changing world, entrepreneurs drive progress and create opportunities. Developing an entrepreneurial mindset is a process, not a destination. This course aims to equip anyone who works with youth (educators/ VET teachers/ youth workers) to incorporate entrepreneurial training in their teaching practices and support young people to start their entrepreneurial journey. The participants will have the opportunity to acquire an in-depth understanding not only of the theoretical knowledge regarding entrepreneurial training, but also to apply and take part in practical exercises in order to create a stimulating learning environment. At the end of the course, participants will also gain free access to resources, materials and a collection of practical activities/ session plans in order to support them deliver entrepreneurial training.


Topics Include
  • Introduction to the Entrepreneurial Mindset
  • Driving Progress: Creativity and Innovation
  • Spotting Opportunities and Taking the Initiative
  • How to take lessons from everything and learn through experience.
Aims in relation to the development of your organisation
  • Your organization will develop entrepreneurial skills and knowledge on how to support youth to develop those skills.
  • Your organization will be able to develop practices in creating a stimulating learning environment.
  • Your organisation will be able to empower young people by stimulating their creativity and sense of entrepreneurship.
Course Schedule

* The course can be modified according to the preferences of the attendees


Presentation and registration by all participants to the ‘Emphasys KA1 platform’ which includes all the necessary information regarding the practical arrangements of the course.  The first day of the course you will be provided with a general introduction to the aims and objectives of the overall course, and you will take part in different team building activities for all of the participants to get to know each other. The course will begin with an introduction to the entrepreneurial mindset, who is an entrepreneur and what skills an entrepreneur needs to develop.


Creativity is an important asset for entrepreneurs, in order to drive progress and come up with innovative ideas. On Day 2 of the course, you will focus on the development of creative thinking skills and take part in different practical workshops. You will also learn more on how to develop those skills to learners and exchange good practices.


Behind every problem, there is an opportunity – recognizing an opportunity when arise is key for aspiring entrepreneurs. During the third day of this course, we will discuss in more detail how to identify needs, spot opportunities and take the initiative to come up with a solution. You will also learn more on how to develop those skills to learners and exchange good practices.


Success does not happen overnight, but it is a continuous process. Failures are an integral part of this process, but aspiring entrepreneurs require key skills to be able to turn those failures into successes. On the fourth day of this course, you will focus on themes such as self-reflection and how to turn everything into a learning opportunity. You will also learn more on how to develop those skills to learners and exchange good practices.


Social innovation refers to the act of creating new solutions, in order to address a social need. The fifth day of the course will provide the opportunity for you to learn more about social entrepreneurship, social value and sustainable thinking. You will also learn more on how to develop those skills to learners and exchange good practices.


The final day of the course will include the evaluation of the participants – this will take the form of a short presentation (15 mins), where you will be divided into small groups in order to prepare and present an innovative business idea in order to address a problem/ issue. You will get the opportunity to evaluate the course and discuss any future collaborations.

Other Activities

  • Visit to Wargaming – A visit to one of the biggest video game developers where creativity thrives, a great opportunity to learn more about technological advancements and new opportunities.
Available Dates
  • 17/06/2024 - 22/06/2024

*The above dates can be flexible, whereas new ones can also be provided to accommodate the needs or availability of participants.

Target Group:  
Youth, Youth Workers, Educators, Career Counselors
Language: English, Greek
Linguistic Support in Greek, French and Spanish
Country: Cyprus
Course Code: YES01
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