Youth and Environment in Europe: Becoming an ECO - YOUTH LEADER

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Course Description

The energetic passion for fighting climate crisis are among the accomplishments of the 15-year-old activist Greta Thunberg, who proves that young people can bring the change we want to see! Her passion and determination motivated millions of young people in more than 125 countries who walked out of schools, colleges, and universities in the biggest student climate action #FridaysforFuture. Nowadays, young people in Europe need to be more and more aware, of environmental issues, and on ways to bring change starting from their daily habits to organizing actions in their communities.

Europe faces multiple challenges in terms of securing ecological sustainability and addressing climate change. The high percentage of greenhouses emissions, plastic and food waste, pesticide use, and other threats to biodiversity demands people, and especially young people, to make caring for the environment, part of their lives.

This course aims to equip youth workers, working with young people with the key skills and knowledge required, in order to be better prepared in educating young people on environmental issues, inspire them in adopting an ecological lifestyle/thinking, and encourage them in becoming youth activists in specific environmental actions.

Topics Include
  • Environmental issues in Europe and Climate Crisis
  • Going green by adopting an eco-friendlier lifestyle and greenwashing
  • Leadership attitudes/ skills and tools for leading green projects and skills for motivating young people to adopt an eco-lifestyle
  • Raising awareness of the community on global environmental challenges and sustainable development by designing concrete green actions (by youth workers that can motivate young people to get actively involved on a local level).
Aims in relation to the development of your organisation

To equip youth workers with knowledge and skills related to:

  •  Environmental issues in Europe and Climate Change.
  • Their lifestyles-habits (to critically analyze them), and become more responsible toward the environment by changing their habits.
  • Greenwashing and on how to distinguish good, green solutions, products and services from greenwashing.
  • Development Leadership attitudes/ skills and tools for leading campaigns/actions with young people.
  • Fostering youth participation in environmental initiatives.
  • Development of environmental actions aiming to raise awareness of the public and policymakers on environmental challenges in Europe (or on a specific environmental problem their facing in a community).
  • Tools and methods for engaging young people and promoting active citizenship.
Course Schedule

* The course can be modified according to the preferences of the attendees


The first day of the course will provide a general introduction to the aims and objectives of the overall course and registration by all participants to the “Emphasys Key Action 1 lifetime support platform“, followed by different team building activities to get the participants get to know each other. The course will begin with an introduction to major environmental issues in the EU, such as energy production/acid rain, nuclear power/waste, air pollution/climate, heavy metals, pesticides, water pollution, solid waste, etc. Following this, the trainers will organize an open discussion, where you will learn more about Climate Change (causes, impact and possible solutions).


During the second day, you will learn to critically analyse your and others’ lifestyles-habits and the impact they have on the environment, understand how a green lifestyle can sustain a healthy environment at home, community and the planet, and ways to adopt a more healthy-greener lifestyle by reducing waste power and water as possible, eliminating toxic substances etc. Furthermore, you will learn more about greenwashing and how to distinguish good, green solutions, products and services in your daily life.

In the afternoon, you will have the opportunity to meet people that have adopted a green living/thinking/lifestyle, who will share their experiences and their impact on their lives.


During this session, you will work on your leadership skills and be prepared to lead and motivate groups of young people. Day 3 will focus on making youth workers:

  • to feel more confident while leading activities for youth
  • to learn to give and get feedback
  • to raise and keep the inner motivation of youngsters
  • focus on self-development and reflect on the learning process
  • experience group dynamics

It will include theory, role-playing exercises, presentation of good practices etc. In the second half of the day, you will have to practise your leadership skills through specific team activities, in groups (Blindfold, Survival, All Aboard, etc.). The day will close with an open discussion on difficulties/challenges in working with young people.


In this part of the course, you will focus on teaching skills/tools/methodology for designing/setting up an action- project linked to youth work. During the session, you will learn more on how to develop, plan and deliver a successful project linked to youth work and take part in different learning activities, which you can, later on, use while working with others. At the end of the day, trainers will present inspiring success stories of youth work and organize an open discussion.


We will focus on designing an environmental action aiming to raise awareness of the public and policy makers on environmental challenges in Europe (or on a specific environmental problem their facing in a community) linked with young people, which can, later on, be implemented in your areas.  In groups, you will design and develop the project idea (utilizing the skills and knowledge acquired in the previous days). At the end of the day, you will have the opportunity to share with the trainers and the rest of the group any difficulties you faced.


The last day of the course will include the presentation of the 4 environmental projects developed by each group and receive feedback from the participants and trainers. Following the feedback, you will update your project idea with any changes/adjustments and together with the rest youth workers from your country (national), you will decide which of the 4 projects will you be able to implement in your country.

At the end of day 6, you will participate in an activity focusing on the learning outcomes of the course (reflection time), evaluate the training course and discuss future collaborations.

Other Activities

Hiking tour in Troodos mountain

Available Dates
  • 22/04/2024 - 27/04/2024
  • 02/09/2024 - 07/09/2024

*The above dates can be flexible, whereas new ones can also be provided to accommodate the needs or availability of participants.

Target Group:  
Youth, Youth Workers
Language: English, Greek
Linguistic Support in Greek, French and Spanish
Country: Cyprus
Course Code: YEE01
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