Creativity, an essential skill for teachers: Because a classroom can be a place of creativity!

Travel Expenses
Up to €820 (Fully Funded)
Course Fee
€480 (Fully Funded)
Accommodation & Other
Up to €160 per day (Fully Funded)
Course Description

Creativity represents one of the fundamental skills for the 21st century as complex problem solving and creative thinking are necessary acquisitions in society and in the labour market. Educational institutions emphasize the importance of children being creative and ready for the future. However, how is it that possible when educators are lacking behind?

The course will enable primary and secondary school teachers to realize the importance of self-improvement in regards to creativity, to familiarize themselves with tools that work on creative thinking and teamwork skills and to help them integrate this kind of tools in the classroom.

Topics Include
  • Introduction to Creative Skills
  • Creative Thinking Skills (parts 1&2)
  • Team Work
  • Digital Tools
Aims in relation to the development of your organisation

– Improve teachers’ creative skills through theoretical and practical activities
– Make classes more engaging and interactive for students

Course Schedule

* The course can be modified according to the preferences of the attendees


The course will begin with ice breaking and think outside of the box activities to get to know your trainers and fellow participants. Practical issues such as the weekly schedule and registration on the “Emphasys KA1 lifetime support platform” will be arranged.

Then, an introduction to creative skills will follow. Participants will learn about their importance in our daily life as well as in the labour market and find out about innovative ways to improve not only their own creative skills but also their students’.


The first part of creative thinking skills will be developed. You will learn the benefits of creative thinking in your everyday life, identify basic concepts and challenge yourself with interactive activities. Then, you will be introduced to a basic digital tool that can help you improve your skills.


Continue with the second part of creative thinking skills by introducing more complicated notions and by learning how to integrate innovative activities related to this topic into the classroom. Discover other ways to make classes more interactive, by audio-visual content.


Introduction on teamwork skills by giving definitions in basic concepts, explaining their importance and suggesting ways to integrate and develop them in the classroom.


It is evident that students do not like tests nor quizzes. What if they could be evaluated in a more creative way? During the fifth day of the course, teachers will have the opportunity to get to know or enhance their knowledge on various digital tools that will facilitate assessment and evaluation procedures.


Conclusion on the whole course, last questions or doubts followed by course evaluation, recommendations and further steps – remote access to Emphasys’s platform. Certificates of attendance will be provided to the participants as well as final arrangements and airport transportation.

Available Dates
  • 29/01/2024 - 03/02/2024
  • 08/07/2024 - 13/07/2024

*The above dates can be flexible, whereas new ones can also be provided to accommodate the needs or availability of participants.

Target Group:  
Teachers (Primary – Secondary)
Language: English, Greek
Linguistic Support in Greek, French and Spanish
Country: Cyprus
Course Code: CEST01
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