3D Design camp: Calling all future designers and engineers!

Travel Expenses
Up to €820 (Fully Funded)
Course Fee
€480 (Fully Funded)
Accommodation & Other
Up to €160 per day (Fully Funded)
Course Description

This course offers an introduction to 3D Design and 3D printing and will help students and educators prepare for future breakthroughs in the Art of Design.
How can 3D design prepare students for the real world? 3D modelling has changed the way we design for the better. Not only does 3D modelling help the designers and end-users visualize space requirements, but also improves drawing efficiency and accuracy. It also enables designers/engineers to “play around” with different ideas and identify potential design problems before they become actual issues.

In this course, you will learn about the future of 3D printing and manufacturing, the process of creating a digital model and then sending that file to be manufactured as a physical, three-dimensional object. In terms of their capabilities, 3D printers are able to create amazing projects such as prototyping new designs, replacing parts for machines or automobiles, building toys and trinkets, creating prosthetic limbs and organs, manufacturing housing and many more!

Topics Include
  • Introduction to 3D design & 3D printing
  • Creating 3D designs with Tinkercad
  • Creating 3D designs with Fusion 360
  • File preparation for 3D printing
  • 3D Printing
  • Slicing Software and Gcode
Aims in relation to the development of your organisation
  • The School will gain expert teachers in the fields of 3D Design and 3D printing. Tinkercad is a great tool for beginners and Fusion 360 is ideal for more advanced classes/students.
  • The School will Incorporate new methods of teaching 3D Design digitally.
Course Schedule

* The course can be modified according to the preferences of the attendees


Introduction to the course and get-to-know your trainers and fellow participants with ice-breaking activities.  Practical issue arrangements and weekly schedule timetable. Presentation and registration by all participants to the Emphasys Key Action 1 lifetime support platform“. This innovative platform will grant you access to all the material and supporting documentation of the course as well as a discussion forum for communication with all participants and trainers.

The course will start with an introduction to 3D Printing, the types that are out there, followed by a discussion on why to learn 3D printing. Additionally, the limitations that exist will also be mentioned as well as the uses in the industry. By the end of the first day, there will be an introduction to the TinkerCad online software.


In continuation of the first day, we will elaborate a bit more on the TinkerCad online software. Before starting a design, we need to take some aspects into consideration. All 3D printing processes build parts layer-by-layer. Materials cannot be deposited onto thin air, so every layer must be printed over some underline material. Following this, an introduction to 3D Scanning will be done. You will also explore some 3D Scanning Applications and finally, conclude the day by creating and printing your name tags in 3D.


You will move to Fusion 360. We will begin with an introduction the Software and get familiar with the interface and various functions. Followed by Design considerations and progressing with our first 3D Model on Fusion 360.


You will continue editing your 360 Fusion model from the previous day before taking on a more complex design. Fusion 360 combines organic shapes modelling, mechanical design and manufacturing, so we will continue with designing our more complex shapes at this stage.

Examples of more complex designs will be presented to prepare for the next day. Some examples will include prosthetic arms, articulated parts, Archimedes screw showcasing that 3D Design can be applied in almost all fields in the Industry.


After our inspirational session with the more complex 3D designs, you will attempt to design a more advanced model. So you will focus on advanced 3D design and you will be shown examples of more complex designs (e.g. prosthetic arms, articulated parts, Archimedes screw) for inspiration.


Our final day will be completely devoted to 3D printing. We will prepare our files for 3D Printing. This will include learning about the physical parts of a 3D printer, the slicing software, model orientation, support material, print bed Adhesion, resolution, infill, print speed/temperature and calibration. After printing our model, we will be looking at some post-processing procedures such as sanding, glueing and painting.

The course will be concluded with a recap. Course evaluation, recommendations, outcomes and further steps – remote support through the Emphasys Key Action 1 platform. Award of certificates to the attendees. Arrangements and assistance for airport transportation.

Other Activities

Depending on preferences and availability excursions can be arranged to:

Available Dates
  • 08/04/2024 - 13/04/2024
  • 01/07/2024 - 06/07/2024 Confirmed
  • 21/10/2024 - 26/10/2024

*The above dates can be flexible, whereas new ones can also be provided to accommodate the needs or availability of participants.

Target Group:  
Educators (all levels), Students, Youth, Youth Workers
Language: English, Greek
Linguistic Support in Greek, French and Spanish
Country: Cyprus
Course Code: 3DC01
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